¿How agave is born?

It originates from the idea of creating a unique cosmetic line, and capable of deliver to the world just a bit of what Mexico because of its tradition can offer. Our country is avowed world widely for its music, handicrafts of great beauty, festivals,  its great diversity of landscapes and its architectural, but perhaps a not so known facet is the wide herbalist knowledge inherited from the prehispanic world, and developed to our time, that for the inmense variety of plants that grow on its territory, offers big benefits to our health. After 10 years of expirience in the branch of wellness and care of the skin, furnishing spas, and training personel through the company all4spas, of which Adriana Azuara is founder, creates Agave Spa, head on to the need in offering an own product, that its essence contains the history of México as the main ingridient, and also that integrates all the parameters that on her expirience has discovered necessary to obtain the best results in skin care. Well she discovered the benefits of the ingridient that characterize its line: The Blue Agave. Agave Spa arises from combining prehispanic herablist and actual knowledge. When mixing ancient recipes from ancestral rituals that proudfully represent a culture of passion and traditions, and combining it with the new lifestyle for those who seek wellnessand health on the body and mind.


The nature of our prodycts give to the signature a DNA that corresponds to the subtlety with which your skin needs to be protected...
AgaveSpa is an option to bring back vitality to your skin.

The perfect care in your daily routine, protects the skin of the free radicals caused by pollution, stress and climatic changes to which it is exposed.
Distinguished from its high quality on ingridients such as Agave and all the properties that were captured and potencialized thanks to the Phytocomplex Regenerator of the Agave™.
Activate your senses with the delicious fragances of AgaveSpa.



AgaveSpa is a line of skin care that has overcome my expectations. Besides the wealth of its natural properties and its luxury presentation that now at day have become in the favorite of our costumers. The Quality of facial and corporal treatments are at the same level of the most sofisticated lines in the market. Thanks AgaveSpa for having fabulous products of skin care.

The products are just magnific. We have been using Agave Spa products in our ritualsfor more than 18 months. They give quality and our costumers love them, they have great rituals and protocols. I like that all of this is created with the pland of mexican Agave with so much wealth and authentic.

Working with AgaveSpa is a wonderful expirience, its warmness and personalized treatment, where you are always the most important client. The quality and variety of the products is exceptional. It is a mexican company worthy of recognition.

I think that we are possibly the first client of AgaveSpa in Los Cabos. We decide to include one of our products in our rituals as testing. Two years later, we have included most of the line in our menu. It generates us a good number of clients and orders depending on the season.